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The prettiest snack


Sara Mountjoy-Pepka is a Los Angeles-based actor/improviser. Proudly hailing from Seattle, plus a few great years in Chicago at Northwestern University, she is now loyal to L.A. but still likes it when it rains. Sara believes art has the ability to combat oppression by creating the empathy needed for understanding, appreciating, and celebrating both the similarities and differences between us. As an actor, her goal is to create stories and characters that create that necessary empathy, whether through drama or comedy.

Sara is a multi-faceted performer, equally comfortable in film and theater, Shakespeare and improv...and quite a bit of mime. She is a member of the Masterclass at Anthony Meindl's Acting Workshop, the premiere Impro Lab ensemble, and has been seen in over 25 commercials/industrials.

Sara performs improvised theater at Impro Theatre/Studio nearly every weekend of the year: guest ensemble member of Impro Theatre's Horror UnScripted and Dorothy Parker UnScripted; co-director/producer of The Improvised Generation, creating full-length improvised episodes in the style of Star Trek: TNG; ensemble member of the Impro Lab ensemble (Chekhov Improvised, Twilight Zone Improvised, Jane Austen Improvised); founder of Ripley, seven badass women creating 60-minute improvised plays (Dystopia and GLAM); and, the better half of the monoscene duo In the Car with Nick and Sara.

While in the Pacific Northwest, Sara worked with many of the region's most respected theater companies including Book-It Repertory Theatre, Montana Shakespeare in the Parks, New Century Theatre Co., Seattle Children's Theatre, and Seattle Shakespeare Co. As an ensemble member of Unexpected Productions from 2009-2014, Sara performed weekly in Seattle's premiere improvisational comedy show Seattle TheatreSports.

As a member of Magic Circle Mime Co., Sara has mimed family concerts with dozens of major symphony orchestras across North America, Europe, and Asia.

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